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Listed below are Arts Edge Dance Companies Policies & Guidelines. 

Class Placement 

Age and ability are both taken into consideration when placing students into a class level.  Each student is different and at AEDC we diligently work to provide a learning environment to best suit your child.  


Previous dance experience does not guarantee or determine a level placement.


Our director and staff will make class placement decisions to best fit each individual student.  Any questions regarding class placement should be directed to Miss Lindsay (


We ask you to please call the studio or e-mail to inform us if your child will be missing class.   If your child has a non contagious illness it is suggested that they attend and observe class.  If your child is injured, it is suggested that they attend and observe class.  


There is no refund for a missed class(es).  Per Director's discretion, dancers may "makeup" their missed class in a class of similar style and level.  Dancers are expected to attend their regular classes and strongly urged to notify AEDC if there is a conflict as far in advance as possible.


 Remember, TEAM work makes the DREAM work!  The better the attendance, the easier it is to accomplish our goals within the classroom! 

Class Cancellations

Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. will NOT be doing virtual classes when there is inclement weather.


 Notifications of weather cancellations will be posted on our social media by 8am for morning classes and 2pm for evening classes.  


A studio wide e-mail will also be sent.

Rights to Cancel/Withdraw

Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. has the rights to cancel scheduled class if there under FIVE students enrolled.  Upon cancellation of class, AEDC Director will suggest a replacement.  

If your student is choosing to withdraw from a class, a written notice must be submitted to the studio by the last day of the current month.  

No refund will be given to paid tuition upon withdrawal.  

Classroom Etiquette 

At Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc.  we strive to provide a clean, friendly and encouraging environment.  We ask that our dancers and dance families please respect the studio space, each other and our faculty.

No gum chewing, food or beverage consumption (other than water) in class.  

Dance shoes are to be worn in studio space ONLY.

No cell phones within the classroom.

Injury Release

It is understood that the risk of injury is inherent in dance. Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. strives to reduce the risk through proper dance training techniques. By submitting a registration, online or otherwise, the parent/ guardian and student are willing to assume those risks and release and hold harmless and indemnify Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. its agents, members, subcontractors, employees, participants and volunteers from and against any and all claims, demands, actions, judgments which the undersigned, or any other person ever had or may have against Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. for any losses, costs and expenses (including attorney’s fees) and damages or injuries known or unknown, real or personal, sustained by the undersigned or their child while in attendance and/ or participating in any Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. programs. The parent/ guardian and student also agree that they will not hold Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. responsible for the loss or damage of personal property while in attendance and/ or participating in any of these programs.

Photo & Video Consent

Upon registration, Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc.  has the right to use any and all media that is taken by or purchased by our faculty on our website and social media pages to promote our choreography and recognitions unless you notify us in writing that we may not.  

Family to Faculty Communication

Our faculty at AEDC believes parent to teacher communication is important and necessary.


We ask you to please save your questions in between classes and to set up an appointment via e-mail instead.  Email or

Parent Observation 

At Arts Edge Dance Company, Inc. we believe that having our students full attention truly benefits their learning.  We ask that parents walk their child to the lobby.

The waiting room is now open.  There is a new "watch window" in the lobby looking inside Studio A. Parents are welcome to wait in the lobby and watch their dancer. If it becomes a distraction, we will close the curtain to help the dancers stay engaged in their class.


Parents are  also welcome to wait in their cars or run errand during their dancer's classes.

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